Restore mailbox using BE11d \ Exchange 2007

I'm in the process of restoring a single mailbox using Backup Exec 11d and Exchange 2007.  The first step I took was creating a Recovery Storage Group on Exchange 2007.  I then ran a restore job in Backup Exec and followed the steps below:
Choose the "Redirect Exchange Sets" option and enter your Exchange Server name as "\\SERVERNAME", then "Redirect using Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Snapshot Provider".  Now select "Restore to Recovery Storage Group (RSG) (Exchange 2007 Only)"

What I am questioning is the fact that it looks like the restore job is restoring my entire exchange database of about 95G when I only selected to restore 1 mailbox that is about 2G.  Does this seem correct?
I should note that in Backup Exec, I changed the default staging path from C:\temp to my D: drive as that had plenty of free space.  I checked that folder after the job has been running for about 2 hours now and the folder size shows a size of 95G.
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tomotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you are restoring a single Exchange 2007 mailbox from tape, Backup Exec first has to stage (restore) the whole database somewhere on its (the backup server) local drive. When the staging is done, then it opens up the temp restored DB and restore the individual mailbox (the staged temp db is then deleted so if the restore fails and you try again, the staging happens all over again). There are known issues with this process. It is recommended to split this process into two steps:
1.      do a “duplicate” job from tape to disk, in other words, Backup Exec would restore your DB from tape to a local disk (would make a backup-to-disk set).
2.      Then you would restore your individual mailbox from that “BackupToDisk” set. That happens very quickly since Backup Exec can open up the DB from BackupToDisk set. If this for some reason fails, you don’t have to go through the staging process again because you would have the BackupToDisk set that got duplicated from tape in the first step.
lucid8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless you do a mailbox level backup  Symantec doesn't give you granular recovery without first restoring the entire EDB to the MS RSG ( Recovery Storage Group)

So Symantec has just put in a redirection process to utilize the RSG and make it look like magic but it requires a full recover of the store before you can get any granular data , i.e. mailbox or items

BE 12.5 hasGRT (Granular Recovery Technology) but again you have to do a special backup for that and even then as tomot states it has to stage the entire image to disk first so it to is going to take a ton of space.

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