Invalid Content in Journal - LaCie 4TB RAID USB Disk

Hey we have a LaCie 4TB RAID. This drive is setup to appear as one large 4TB disk. Every time I attempt to run time machine from the host system to this external hard drive, it produces a "Invalid Content in Journal" error. At first, this happened so I googled around and found this link here and found out that Disk Warrior fixes the problem. It rebuilds the directories and allows the drive to be mounted again. Yet, after all ofthat work, remounting the drive and running time machine again casues the "Invalid content in journal" error to arise again, immediately.
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is this a striped raid 0?
if so, you most likely have a member losing sectors or going bad.

If it's a mirrored raid 5, you should not be getting this error, you would have a different issue.

I'd backup the entire device asap so you don't lose the data you have on it.

Find out if you are running raid 0 striping, because if you lose one hard disk, it all goes away.

My recommendation, First backup any data you care about.
fmrifadminAuthor Commented:
bad RAID config somewhere. backed up data and changed to RAID 3+ to have a1 parity driveand 3 1TB's accessible
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