How do I extract the ACL with assigned roles for analysis?

I need to extract the ACL along with assigned roles for each entry.  I found some previous answers here, with links to the sandbox but that has been archived.

Is there a way?
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behendersonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
forgot 1 line bottom 2 lines should be changed to these 3 lines

End Forall
Set entry = acl.GetNextEntry( entry )
The below code is written out free hand and may contain errors.. but you should be able to get the idea.. you put this code into a lotusScript agent in the database to get the current acl as a text file in the c directory ACL.txt

Dim session as new notesSession
dim db as notesdatabase
dim acl as NotesACL
dim entry as NotesACLEntry
dim vx as Variant

fileNum% = Freefile()
fileName$ = "c:\ACL.txt"

Open fileName$ For Output As fileNum%

set db = session.currentDatabase
Set acl = db.ACL
Set entry = acl.GetFirstEntry
do while not entry is nothing
Forall r In entry.Roles
Print #fileNum%, entry.Name & " - " & r
End Forall
jkee54Author Commented:
I had to fix the first PRINT line but then t worked like a charm! Thanks!
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