Rewrite MySQL query to make it more efficient/easier in PHP

I am trying to pull lat/long from a table using a share ID from another.  I got the query to work like this but it sure seem clunky...can someone give me a rewritten sample of a better way to execute this query to achieve the same result?

$query = "SELECT Residential_RESI.sMLSNumber, Residential_RESI.sLegalDescription, Residential_RESI.sCity, Residential_RESI.sState, Residential_RESI.sListPrice, Residential_RESI.sSquareFootage, Residential_RESI.sBedrooms, Residential_RESI.sTotalBaths, Residential_RESI.sAgentFirstName, Residential_RESI.sAgentLastName, Residential_RESI.sAgentPhone, Residential_RESI.sListAgentEmail, Residential_RESI.sMLSNumber, Residential_RESI.sStatus, Residential_RESI.sOfficeLong, Residential_RESI.sOfficePhone1, Residential_RESI.sOfficeAddress, Residential_RESI.sMarketingRemarks, Residential_RESI.sMasterHOAFee, Residential_RESI.sTaxes, Residential_RESI.sTaxYear, Residential_RESI.sTotalTaxBill, Residential_RESI.sAssessmentFees, Residential_RESI.sWater, Residential_RESI.sSewer, Residential_RESI.sRegionShortName, Residential_RESI.sStreetFullName, Residential_RESI.sAgentFaxPhone, Residential_RESI.sAgentPictureFile, Residential_RESI.sAgentWebSite, Residential_RESI.sDOM, Residential_RESI.sPricePerSquareFoot, property_coordinates.sLatitude, property_coordinates.sLongitude, property_coordinates.sMLSNumber FROM Residential_RESI, property_coordinates
		AND sLatitude is not NULL and sLatitude != '' 
and sLongitude is not NULL and sLongitude != ''";

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Do you really need all of those fields?  If not, cut back to just the fields that you need.

Just for readability, I would change the format to something like the following:

$query = "
SELECT rr.sMLSNumber,
      rr.sLegalDescription, rr.sCity, rr.sState, rr.sListPrice, rr.sSquareFootage,
      rr.sBedrooms, rr.sTotalBaths, rr.sAgentFirstName, rr.sAgentLastName,
      rr.sAgentPhone, rr.sListAgentEmail, rr.sMLSNumber, rr.sStatus, rr.sOfficeLong,
      rr.sOfficePhone1, rr.sOfficeAddress, rr.sMarketingRemarks, rr.sMasterHOAFee,
      rr.sTaxes, rr.sTaxYear, rr.sTotalTaxBill, rr.sAssessmentFees, rr.sWater,
      rr.sSewer, rr.sRegionShortName, rr.sStreetFullName, rr.sAgentFaxPhone,
      rr.sAgentPictureFile, rr.sAgentWebSite, rr.sDOM, rr.sPricePerSquareFoot,
      pc.sLatitude, pc.sLongitude, pc.sMLSNumber
FROM Residential_RESI rr, property_coordinates pc
WHERE rr.sMLSNumber=pc.sMLSNumber
      AND pc.sLatitude is not NULL
      AND pc.sLatitude != ''
      AND pc.sLongitude is not NULL
      AND pc.sLongitude != ''

In terms of efficiency, this should be pretty quick.

If you want to cut back on typing, you could just use * instead of naming fields, but I prefer to name the fields explicitly.

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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
Don't ever use * in production. A little typing is better than a field addition later that breaks stuff
pda4meAuthor Commented:
@aarontomosky I was just going over some of my comments and caught your comment above (*).  I agree whole-heartedly, but still so many people do this.  It creates havoc when there are added fields are the order of the fields is changed.  
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