Cannot change file permissions in Windows 7

Windows 7 PC

User to be a member of domain A

Now moved to domain B

I want to copy the files from the users folder for old user in dowmain a to that for new user in domain B

However when I try to set the file permisisons or ownership for the old domain A fiolder it says I don't have permission

I am logged in as domain admin and I am also a member of the local administrators group

I can no longer log in as the domain A user as it seems to have cleared the credentials cache

Any ideas?

Also is there an easier/ better way to transfer the files from one domain user account to another?

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vmaganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hard to believe that with Domain admin and member of local admin you cannot take ownership of this folder. Make sure that domain admins have full access to this folder, then try to take over ownership.

If that doesnt work then log in as the person that has ownership of the folder and change permissions then.

I dont see why you cant just copy and paste the folder unless it is a huge folder with a lot of permissions in it. If that is the case then you can use RoboCopy which can be downloaded here.

DraginMagikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try to log on as the local admin (not a domain account).  
try to move or take ownership again.
rfportillaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you still log into the old domain at all?  

You should be using the Windows Server migration tools:

This will move the users and permissions, etc., to the new domain.

With this computer, you will probably have to log in as a local admin and take ownership.  If that does not work, you will have to log into the old domain.  
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Paul197466Author Commented:
As I said in my post, I can no longer log in as the old domain user

I have tried the local administrator and that does not work either
You did not say that you could not log in to the old domain; you said that you could not log in as the domain user using the credentials cache.  If you could still log into the old domain as an admin, you could take ownership of those files and set the permissions accordingly.

Is it fair to say that the old domain server is completely gone?  
It seems like he is logged in to the old domain as a domain admin. Is this correct?
Paul197466Author Commented:
The old domain server has gone

However I tried again logging in as the local administrator and setting ownership first (I think first time I tried to set permissions first)

That worked

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