Exchange 2007 and domain controller on same windows server 2008 server

I'm installing exchange 2007 and active directory on  the same server ...I wanted to install vmware and put exchange on a slice and the Dc on another slice...first time doing this so I'm not sure how to set up the vmware ...hoping there I'd a freeware version out there ...
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Adam BrownConnect With a Mentor Sr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
If you have Windows 2008, you can use Hyper-V for virtualization (Comes with Windows 2008), which has significantly better performance than the free versions of VMWare (10GB virtual switching vs. 100MB for VSphere and ESXi). has some information on getting it set up. There may be a small licensing fee (30 bucks or so, if I remember correctly) for having two Windows 2008 servers virtualized in Hyper-V, though. It depends on which version of Windows 2008 you have (Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter). There is also a Hyper-V server that competes with ESXi and uses a Windows 2008 Core installation. It's tougher to work with and get set up than the Full Windows 2008 version of Hyper-V, but once it's set up it can be managed with the Hyper-V MMC.
If you have a windows machine you can use VMware Server, it's free and have good services fro windows machine, download from: 
With VMware Server you can use your windows and run virtual machines.

Another option if you have a server or hardware compatible, you can use ESXi, which don't need a operating system to get installed.  This install a OS and allow you to run virtual machines. You have to install a client to connect to ESXi host and create VMs. The server is dedicated to virtualization, you can get better performance in this option, but the server is dedicated to this.
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