on my server(AIX), we allready have one database installed i.e for that process we allready run the

now (1 month later), i have a request to install one more database with different oraclehome, so doi need to run the script again?

if i run the command what happen ( i mean we allready run 1 mnth back)?
if we run again is it creates a problem?
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cheers4beersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You do not need to run again, but doing so won't hurt anything.  If you are just creating another database under a new Oracle home, you shouldn't need to install the Oracle software again as long as both homes are under the same ORACLE_BASE (which if your are using the OFA standard, they should be).  Just create the directory for the new Oracle home, and create the new database under the new Oracle home.  Use dbca to make the database creation process a little easier.

Chakravarthi AyyalaDatabase AdministratorCommented: will check for prerequisites.
it will not harm any existing installation.
the script is pretty straight foward.
please open the shell script and go through it.
you will know it for yourself.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Another 'database' or another database with another ORACLE_HOME?

I'm not familiar with that particular script.  I know the you run after you install Oracle but not the

My guess would be no but I would vi the script to see what all it does.  Based on the name I would say it just checks for prerequisites before install.  If so, then no need to run again.  Assuming you want two different oracle_homes in the first place.
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