disabling appletalk on hp laserjet 2035

It came to our attention that a non-shared printer was showing up in the available printers list to any and all mac computers once they are on the network. We use these hp 2035's purely for printing personal information as local printers.

i'm under the impression that the reason for it showing up is it has appletalk running, how would i go about disabling that feature from the HP laserjet 2035?
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Open the printers web admin page and in the networking section will be an option to disable appletalk.

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The Laserjet 2035 does not come with a network interface standard (that's the 2035n), and you referenced them as "local," so i am assuming they are hooked up via USB or parallel cable, and in that case, the only way it is showing up for modern Macs (Mac OS 10.6.x) is via Bonjour shared. Apple no longer supports Appletalk after OS X 10.5

You can tell what type it is when you go to add a printer to a Mac, it should say what type it is. You can also download a free utility called "Bonjour Browser" (http://www.tildesoft.com/) which will show you all Bonjour services being advertised on your network and which computers are doing that advertising. If it is being shared by a Mac, simply turning Printer Sharing off on that Mac will take care of that.

Even if I misunderstand and these are the network version printers, that model does not have Appletalk. You would connect to its web interface (easiest way is via Bonjour, ironically, and Safari - open a Safari page, click the little 'book' below the back button, and look for the Bonjour option, and all Bonjour devices will show up - click the printer, and you're connected to its web interface). You'll then want to disable the protocol "mDNS" or Bonjour - older 1320n's called it mDNS, the new model might call it Bonjour.

Good luck
highhill2011Author Commented:
after checking it is indeed the 2035n, and it is connected via a local TCP/IP port that was only configured for the user in question. i'm going to accept both solutions though because there is a lot of good info in the second post, and as you probably can tell i need all the help i can get with mac OS
I am not sure why the first author's comment got the accepted solution-- the printer does not have Appletalk. I pointed that out and then described what Macs now use instead of Appletalk, called "Bonjour," and further described how HP does not call it Bonjour, but the configuration item to look for is "mDNS." Finally, the first author didn't even tell you how to access the web configuration (EWS) page, but I did.

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