Watchguard Firebox - Unhandled Internal Packet-00 Denied Packets

Hi everyone,

We have a Watchguard Firebox X1250e firewall running System Manager v11.3.2 and Fireware XTM 11.3.2 in a two member cluster.

Our DBA is trying to allow SQL traffic from a DMZ server ( to an internal server ( and keeps getting denied.  The log shows :

2011-04-07 09:09:51 Member1 Deny src_ip= dst_ip= pr=ms-sql-s/tcp src_port=1493 dst_port=1433 src_intf=1-DMZ dst_intf=0-External msg=Denied pckt_len=48 ttl=127 policy=(Unhandled Internal Packet-00) proxy_action= proc_id="firewall" rc="101" tcp_info="offset 7 S 4034334300 win 65535"       Traffic

I've tried setting rules to allow SQL traffic between subnets and currently all networks except for External are allow to send and receive traffic on port 1433. The strange thing is that distination interface in the log above shows as External.

Any ideas what might be the issue?
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is it the problem or mistype?

your first row of the deny message. 182.168.  instead of 192.*
ams_groupAuthor Commented:
Correct, it was a misstype in a hosts file. Somehow I completely missed it until you pointed it out.

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