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How to create a compile-time warning in Visual C/C++ v6.0

I have a number of unfinished sections of code that need to be fixed.  I want to use the standard C preprocessor "#warning" as a means of keeping track of which sections of code still need to be updated when I compile.

The problem is that from all I can tell, VC6 does not support to preprocessor directive of #warning.  It only supports the directive #error.

Can anyone think of a way to achieve this so my compiles will have the following types of messages displayed along with a comment:

Source.cpp(2871): warning: Old code section needs redesign
Tim TitusCTOAsked:
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Tim TitusCTOAuthor Commented:
Note: It does not have to be a "warning".  It can show up as a comment or other identification during compile, but it should not halt compiling.
I found some suggestions here for this non-portable issue:

"Once defined, use like so:
    #pragma message(Reminder "Fix this problem!")
This will create output like:
    C:\Source\Project\main.cpp(47): Reminder: Fix this problem!"


Also, some suggestions here:

And from MSDN:
// collisions.h
#define __STR2__(x) #x
#define __STR1__(x) __STR2__(x)
#define __LOC__ __FILE__ "("__STR1__(__LINE__)") : Warning Msg: "

// collisions.cpp
#pragma message(__LOC__"Need to do 3D collision testing")

Open in new window

"For additional information concerning the #pragma message directive, see the Visual C++ Help file; Search on: "message (pragma directive)."

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