Find Column number based on searching of string

With the answer to the previous question:
I now need to determine the column number by finding the text in any cell on the active worksheet.
text = "Customer Mfgnumber Search"

previous question:
previous answer:

If Cells(1, target.column) = "Customer Mfgnumber Search" then
' rest of your code

This will only look in row 1  so...I need to

Find the value in any cell on the workbook and then designate that column as the target column number

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Just use two nested for loops

for longCurrentRow = 1 to 1000 'or whatever number you choose ... typically this should be extracted from ActiveRegion
   for longCurrentColumn = 1 to 1000 'or whatever number you choose
      if Cell(longCurrentRow, longCurrentColumn) = 'Customer Mfgnumber Search' then
          'rest of your code
      end if


Dim found As Range
Set found = Cells.Find("Customer Mfgnumber Search")
If found is nothing then
   column = 0 ' ?? not found
   column = found.Column
End If
FordraidersAuthor Commented:
So either one of these answers will give the column number where the value was found ?
cyberkiwi ?
   column = found.Column    <----- here
End If
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FordraidersAuthor Commented:
option explicit

how to define column ?

just to make sure

FordraidersAuthor Commented:
The reason I'm asking I need to pass the Column to a target intersect

Dim Result As String
   Set targ = Intersect(target, [C:C])   <---- HERE

what ever the column is,  that the value was found, I need to know it for this part in the code..
("Customer Mfgnumber Search")

I need to tranlate that column Number to a column Letter..?


What do you do when it is not found?  Assuming it is found...

Dim found As Range
Set found = Cells.Find("Customer Mfgnumber Search") ' found is a Range object

Dim Result As String
If Not found is nothing then
    Set targ = Intersect(target, found.EntireColumn) '  <---- HERE
    ' ?? what to do here
End If

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