ipad2 versus iphone4

very new to Apple products. besides ipad2 having a bigger screen to work with, what is the advantages of getting an ipad2 over an iphone?
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If you are asking about functional differences, only you can decide what is appropriate for your needs. That said, there are technical advantages. At present, you are comparing two different generations of products.

The iPad 2 has a vastly superior processor and GPU to that in the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 (and original iPad) hardware including processor, memory, GPU and flash storage are identical to the original iPad. The ARM Cortex A8 processor and GPU are single-core. The iPad 2 uses the inevitable evolution of that hardware to a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 unit with a dual-core GPU. It also has faster memory.

The next generation iPhone should have the same hardware as the iPad 2 when it is released.

You can see a good review of the iPad 2's technical superiority to previous generation products here:

well the Ipad is not a phone but it has the following advantages:

video out for tv 1080p hd
2 cameras, 720p HD recording and VGA
has 64GB capacity
RartemassService Desk AnalystCommented:
As Boquez said, the iPad doesn't make phone calls. They are two different devices with a similar OS.
However you could use Skype to make video calls (or voice only calls) from the iPad 2 if you wanted.

The iPad (or iPad 2) is a tablet. This is essentially a dumbed down laptop that you can use to access web based services. You can also run the same apps that the iPhone uses (some apps are exclusive to each device for various reasons).
Apps range from taking notes, a calculator etc, to reference books, to games and everything in between.
grnowAuthor Commented:
thanks for the comments, will close the question and reward points for suggestion.
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