Outlook 2003 not receiving new messages

I have a client using Outlook 2003 on an Exchange server.  Everything has been working fine for years until a month ago.  Now she isn't receiving emails from some people but it seems to be sporadic.  Sometimes email come through, sometimes they do not.  Upon troubleshooting I realized today that I can send her a new message and she does not receive it.  But, if I go to my sent folder and forward the message to her she gets it immediately.   I experimented with several email addresses that I have and all experienced the same behavior.  New messages never get to her - forwarded and replied to messages are received.

She does still receive new messages from some people, I saw them in her inbox today.  And a few were from today.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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Are the messages there in OWA? DOes OWA work correctly.
Disable any outlook rules.
If that does not do it I would create an new outlook profile.
martyphillipsAuthor Commented:
They have an old Exchange Server that was running out of hard drive space.  Cleared off some temp files and everything works much better.
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