Can I make an email follow it`s predecessors and file itself to the correct folder in Outlook?

I was wondering if it is possible in Outlook to create a Macro that files an email in whatever folder the first email in a conversation was stored in.

As with so many people I get too many emails and filing them in the correct folder takes up a lot of time. If all of them arrive more or less together I can use the conversation view to show all the messages in my inbox by conversation and move them to a folder together. But this will not work if I have already filed a message to a folder. When that happens I have to find the original message, see what folder it is in and then manually file the new message from the inbox to this correct folder.

What I would love, is to be able to click on a button which checks to see which conversation a new email belongs to (if any) and then files the new email to whatever folder the first email in that conversation had originally been sent to.

This way I reckon I could save a lot of time filing messages and spend more time doing the stuff I am paid to do!

I've tried to read up about the topic properties in Outlook, but I am not a VBA person and have the feeling that I am way out of my league, hence the cry for assistance.

Thanks, Gavan
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IMO, little complex.

When you click on a single button @ Outlook UI
This message title, sender\receiver details should be collected stored @ memory
Run a big scan against your current mailbox
if found at more than locations (folders) do a conflict management...then identify the possible\suitable Outlook folder...then push the mail to that folder.

>> The above steps of searching the whole mailbox needs to be done for each and every of your macro\addin-click (activation)

When you ask for the conversation-history...that is going to show you all the conversations irrespective of the folders the thread is residing.
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Create a rule, make the folder, right click the email and select "create rule" then follow the wizard.

Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:
Whilst it is possible to ensure this, the run time overheads will tend to be significant unless you mplement some kind of a lookup.

One possibility is to store all the conversation indexes and the respective folder into a file which can be loaded at startup and then used to define the correct folder.  Potential issues are two mails for the same conversation but each starting a new thread so you as the user would have to ensure they are placed into the same folder but beyond that I imagine two threads.

1. Populate a lookup file of indexes / folders - a significant run time issue ... but once only
2. Each time a mail is received or sent run a script via a rule to move the file if the index is found.

If you decide to go down such a route we can certainly help but the primary limitation is as I say whether the mails have the conversation index intact.

gavanhortonAuthor Commented:
E_aravind, Chris,

Thanks for the answers, performance is already an issue for me so I don't really want to increase the burden anymore. Shame, because I think it would have been a handy ability to have. I'll spli the points if that's ok with you both.

gavanhortonAuthor Commented:
Lower grade than A awarded because in the end I was unable to get a solution.
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