Assign a home folder to a user

Hi Experts,

We have specified a logon script in the user's profile as well as the home folder. I believe we can also create the user's home folder via the logon script.

What happens when the home folder that I scripted in the logon script is different from what I specify in AUDC-> Profile -> Home folder? Does that mean two home folders will be created?

If I have different home folders in my GPO that will be applied to the user, does it mean all these folders will be created and assigned to the user as well?

Finally is there such a term as the default/ primary user home folder?

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DecarnAuthor Commented:
Hi mcsween,

I read up and there are several ways to assign the user's home directory.

1) ADUC-> Profile -> Home folder
2) ADUC -> Profile -> User profile -> Logon Script
3) GPO

Does anyone knows what will happen if all the three methods above point to a different home directory, e.g. a different server or drive?

mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
I'm not sure how you are assigning a home folder with your login script but the preferred way to set it is in the user's profile in ADUC.

ADUC profile maps a drive, creates the folder if it doesn't exist, grants the user full control, and sets the environment variables %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH%.

Assuming your script does all the same stuff you would end up with 2 mapped drives (unless they both use the same letter) and environment variables set to which ever one ran last.  I'm not sure how you assign your scripts, if with a GPO it would depend on what order your GPOs are set to process on which order each would run, if setting it in ADUC I'm not sure which would run first; im guessing the script would probably run last but that is just a hunch.
DecarnAuthor Commented:
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