Sony Vaio Bloatware..

The most annoying thing about bloatware apart from it slowing down the system is that removing it can sometimes remove essential services.. I'm stuck with

PMB and its associated tat

PMB Vaio Edition Guide
PMB Vaio Edition Plug-in

PMB Vaio Image Advisor
PMB Vaio Movie Story


Vaio Media Plus
Vaio Media Plus Opening Movie

Can I get rid of all the above??

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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Yes, these are all Sony add-ons and are not required for the OS.    You can safely delete all of them.

Note:   The safest way to completely delete all OEM "bloatware" is to make occasional checkpoint images of the OS ... then if you find you've deleted something you shouldn't have, just restore to the last image.    Takes a bit of extra time ... but only a couple minutes of "human time"  (plus the time for the actual image creation)
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