Zip library for Delphi 2010/XE

I have an old zip utility that was written in Delphi 7 using VCLZip 2.23.

Now, I need to update it, and wondering whether upgrade to continue this work on Delphi XE.
But that utility seemed stopped development on 2008, since Delphi 2009 is all they still support.

I already searched on Google for zip libraries for Delphi, but even articles are so old :(

What library would you recommend that gets regularly update?
If it's free I won't complain either. =)
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jimyXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>  "What library would you recommend that gets regularly update?"

I am using some components (not compression) from ComponentACE which get updated regularly so you might consider trying their compression components as well, but they are not free:
Compression Master Suite
Easy Compression Library

BTW, like I mentioned before, it is not guaranteed that these components, or any other component, to continue to be supported forever. Definitely at some point a new method will appear which will overshadow all the old components.
It is not guaranteed to have a continuous supported component. May be the one which is supported now turns to be not supported next month, either due to lack of interest or any other reason. So you just work with what works best for you in the current environment rather that looking for the long term supported component.

Most of the components, when you have their source code, can be easily adjusted to work in later Delphi versions.
However, many components that work in D2009 work also in D2010 and XE. Of course there are exceptions.

If you are interested in another components, try these:
BobcsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
tpAbbrevia is a good zip library to make and extract zip files.
Extract example:
procedure TPreProcessItem.UnZip(TargetDir: string; FileName: string);
  ZipFile: TAbUnZipper;
  ZipFile := TAbUnZipper.Create(nil);
  with ZipFile do
    OnArchiveProgress := ZipFileArchiveProgress;
    OnConfirmOverwrite := ZipFileConfirmOverwrite;
    OnNeedPassword := ZipFileNeedPassword;
    OnProcessItemFailure := ZipFileProcessItemFailure;

  ZipFile.FileName := FileName;
  ZipFile.BaseDirectory := TargetDir;
  ZipFile.ExtractOptions := [eoCreateDirs, eoRestorePath];

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fischermxAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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