Which appliance or firewall is best for 40 users

We have  40 internet  users in our office . We are looking for a web content filtering , firewall ,nat solution which should be in a single box. Please  suggest a good one  with cheaper price.

Thank you
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lancecurwensvilleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Sonicwall, in my opinion, would be very appropriate in your situation, and YES, you would need to purchase a maintenance contract for the device for the content filter updates and I would recommend the gateway anti-virus subscription.  It is probably about as close to an all in one solution I have seen.  The major added bonus of the sonicwall device is that everything can be setup from a web gui.
if you r comfort with Active directory integration for user permission and have a Microsoft environment , i would suggest using Microsoft ISA server or the new TMG
ivoicenetworksAuthor Commented:
Please can u suggest any hardware based firewall, Now I am debating whether to buy a used cisco pix or soniwall  from ebay.
As far as i know pix firewall will not offer content management  and sonic wall , i should  pay for subscription for every year or something . Also searching ,if  there is any other product out there which got  web filtering and firewall features and i can afford to buy.

I already used ISA server in my network . It was so slow , and i had difficult time with it while configuring . So i thrown it aside.
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The solution we use is Watchguard. we also placed it by our customers.

Consider a Sonicwall NSA240 or NSA2400.
Jeff MorlenNetwork EngineerCommented:
Maybe you should look into a software package that will allow you to make an appliance.

For example: MonoWall, Untangle and other "free" products will do what you are looking for and can be very simple to administer.

If you are set on a hardware appliance, then I would go with a Cisco ASA5505, Juniper SSG5 or FortiNet appliance.

What is your budget on this installation?
I would have to say Fortinet is the right solution, good price and all in one package, a lot of features and extras, you'll be happy with it!
Hello Ivoicenetworks,

If have bit knowledge on linux go with the free open source firewalls (You can load the firmware on flash or HDD) and the following are having all features what you are looking for,
1. www.m0n0.ch
2. www.ipcop.org
3. www.smoothwall.org
4. www.clearfoundation.com

If you are looking more than the above firewalls with the latest technology and enterprise support then go with Fortinet devices.
FortiGate 80C cost you around $2k.

Also you can try FortiGate 60C.

You can access the demo FortiGate device from the following link,

Good Luck!
ivoicenetworksAuthor Commented:
Thanks ! I baught sonicwall tz210 though the yearly subscription is a bit expensive
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