Firefox Extensions - communicating data over https

Hi experts.... a tough one I fear....

Lets assume the following.

Our user has a Firefox extension installed created by us.

First:       We need to activate this extension/plug-in on a page rendered using a secure protocol (https)?
Second: Can we then analyse information presented on that page and request the user to perform an action?

The key here I see is having the ability to process (with user interaction) over https

Your thoughts are greatly received, I look forward to hearing from you.


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I'm not sure if I see where your problem is.
From within your extension's overlay.js you can (under appropriate conditions) change the currently displayed page via

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wilson1000Author Commented:
Hi, Could you elaborate on your answer and just explain a little bit about how this could process information on a page rendered in https please?

I ask because I know very little about Firefox extensions at the moment. My training begins on Wednesday.

Thank you
I hope you know how to put up the basic framework of an extension after that training.
Once you know what th efollowing terms mean, you should be able to add a listener for the DOMContentLoaded event and in that you might inspect
var uri = getBrowser().selectedBrowser.currentURI;
and if it refers to the https page you redirected to, you can access the page content, e.g. via its DOM tree.

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wilson1000Author Commented:
This was a great help thank you
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