eseutil on Exchange 5.5, empty mailboxes, calender, sent items

I ran an eseutil against a PRIV.EDB on an Exchange 5.5. The old PRIV was backed up and the defragged file was created in a separate location. Temp PRIV was then copied to the mbtdata directory. The original PRIV.EDB deleted and the temp.edb renamed to PRIV.EDB. The server was then rebooted.

The users logging on can send/recieve email but all the previous emails, calender, sent items etc are all empty as if all the content has been deleted.

Any ideas as to why this has occurred?

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asldavidpriceConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Thinking about it what probably has happened is when I copied the temp.edb file back to the mbtdata folder, I remember it being identified as an EDB file even though it had no extension. When I renemed the file I called it PRIV.EDB which in DOS would make it PRIV.EDB.EDB. Hence the store has probably created a new PRIV1.EDB off and therefore no email history etc.

So assuming this is what happened I need to rename the PRIV1.edb to PRIV1.OLD and remove the .edb extension off the PRIV.

I am not onsite at the moment so will check this tonight.

All the email recieved today I can extract and then import into PRIV.

Anything else I would need to be aware of? (I am of course assuming the above is what has caused the problem).

You'll not need to replace the existing database with a temp one after the defrag, better you run isinteg now.
asldavidpriceAuthor Commented:

The eseutil command I used leaves the original PRIV file alone and creates a new defragged temp.edb in a different location. The original PRIV was backed up before doing anything. The defragged temp.edb was then copied to the mbtdata directory, the PRIV.EDB was deleted and the temp.edb renamed to PRIV.EDB.
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1. I assume you ran ESEUTIL /D ?

2. What is the exact command you ran?

3. Did you tell it to not copy the defragged EDB back into place, beucase that is the default action, i.e. original stays in place, temp.edb is created and then upon completion the Original is deleted and temp renamed and moved back into place.  

4. you are going to want to preserve the new existing database because at minimum you have all the current data within that EDB and if your existing DB is still around and you can get the old data back you will need to recover the new data into the old once its live via RSG or by using a 3rd party utility.

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asldavidpriceAuthor Commented:
Issue was as outlined.
asldavidpriceAuthor Commented:
Exactly as I outlined. Recovered mail data using third party tool.
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