Must issue STARTTLS - but only on certain PC's, not all PC's

Hi Experts,
        I am developing an in house system that allows the user to send e-mails from within the application, it is written in Delphi 2007 and I am using the INDY 10 component suite. I am attempting to use a gmail account.  I have configured the TIdSMTP component's UseTLS property to 'utNoTLSSupport'. This all works fine on my development PC, and when I run the client on the server, it also works fine.However, on certain PC's when the user tries to send the e-mail, they get a 'Must issue a STARTTLS ....' error, how can this be when I have configured the SMTP component to not use TLS anyway, I am guessing it could be a setting in windows, or maybe a DLL mismatch but have had no joy tracking it down!!
Any ideas???
Thanks in advance,
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ClassPublishingAuthor Commented:
Abandoned !!!
converted app to use SSL, got it working once I had located the correct SSL dll's.

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ClassPublishingAuthor Commented:
Because I found the solution my self!!
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