Shadow Copies on drive where SQL database is located?

I have recently moved a big fileshare to a drive (on a Windows 2003 server) where I also store my SQL2005 databse file for my Sharepoint intranet site.
The users have been used to be able to use Shadow Copies to restore deleted files, so I want to grant them this option again.

Hoewever before I enable Shadow Copies, I want to make sure I dont mess up my SQL/Moss database.

Cant seem to find information on this searching google... any of you guys can give me some advice on what will happen when I enable it?


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p_nutsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
nothing should happen..

backing up sql can be done using vss ..

i wouldn't want to put those to roles on 1 server .. but basically it shouldn't be a problem.. the only issue i can see is that when users are going to use MOSS heavily and the fileshare heavily too you will get high I/O and thus slower responses.. if at the same time VSS is making a shadow copy it wouldn't improve the situation
GrodelAuthor Commented:
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