Outlook synchronisation with Exchange needs a lot of time

We've got one user with the Problem that Outlook does not syncronize at once with Exchange.
If the user writing a appointment in the calendar of an other user, it can need much time until the other user can see this appointment. On the other site if the other user is writing a appointment in his own calendar the first user has to wait a long time that he can see this.
I think this is an Outlook issue because all other users doesn't have this problem.
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OpusretisAuthor Commented:
deactivating the cached mode was the Solution!
what versions of exchange and outlook are you using?

have you tried ctrl - rightclicking the outlook icon in the systray and selecting connection status to see what the settings are??

are you using outlook anywhere? we need more info to give you an answer that helps.
OpusretisAuthor Commented:
Exchange 2003
Outlook 2007

I tried to deactivate the cached mode.
I give the user a few days now for testing...
also check the outlook everywhere settings.. sometimes it's set to go through the internet even on fast connections which doesn't make sense in that setup..
are you using rpc over https?

try to start outlook through
outlook.exe /rpcdiag

or ctrl+rightclick the systray icon to see the connections and the speeds.
OpusretisAuthor Commented:
Because it was the solution
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