Clean Mailbox under Exchange 2010

Hi all

i work in a school. now i have to clean the mailbox for the next lessons.
I have ready many and it seems that creating a new mailbox ist the best solution.
when i create a user and mailbox, login to windows with them and open Outlook all works fine.
I logoff delete the mailbox, create a new one and login again with the user.
Open outlook and receive an error: Mailbox was moved to the exchange server...

How can i stop this error?
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Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
>>"I logoff delete the mailbox, create a new one and login again with the user."

with same names ? if so, please delete outlook profile and recreate it again. from control panel -->mail --> profiles.
you have to link the new created mailbox with the existing AD user
Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
had you deleted outlook profile ?
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SkulldredAuthor Commented:
I have done it like following:
1. Disable the mailbox over exchange console
2. Run the Clean-Mailbox command over Powershell
3. Run the delete command to remove the mailbox completly over Powershell
4. Create a new Mailbox over exchange console and
while the creation choose the option existing user

after that i tried to open outlook and receive the error: mailbox was moved to exchange...
SkulldredAuthor Commented:
Ok i see what you mean and yes what you say is absolut correct.
But... this sucks... in this case i have to walk on every pc to recreate the profile...
I guess i will work with the export function.
But with this methode its possible that folders will stay after "cleaning"...
SkulldredAuthor Commented:
Its just why i get the "mailbox moved" message not how i can clean the mailbox
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