Cisco and Network Discovery tools

I have been given the task of auditing a Cisco based network.
The network contains 1800, 2800 and 3600 series devices.

There is also Pix (515e) and ASA platform.

As my command line is a little "rusty" to say the least, can anyone help with advice on GUI tools for managing Cisco devices and general network discovery.
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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Well the pix and ASA should have the ASDM built-in.

And also for the routers there should be a similar build in gui: SDM
pjcvsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with erniebeek on using the built in ASDM and GUIs on the devices.

If they aren't enabled go to global configuration mode and type

ip http server enable - port 80
ip http secure-server enable - port 443

you should be able to use your web browser, and the management ip address of the device to access the GUI.

As for network discovery, i would look at the Cisco Network Assistant.
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Obi_Want_Kanobeer---Extreme_JediAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you comments guy's. Will try them when Cisco sort out problems with my account login.
KlinkeyeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
General network discovery:
A really good one is spiceworks (its adware but quite a good inventory package).
Another really good tool is "angry ip scanner". It will scan a network range and try to interrogate the devices on each IP address.
Obi_Want_Kanobeer---Extreme_JediAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guy's, my first day and I was able to completely audit a PIX 515e by the end of the day and that included getting me sorted on the network, interview with IT Head and a walk around the estate.

So thank you all !

Best wishes
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