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Windows 7 wont boot with New Motherboard

I recently swapped the motherboard in my computer from an ASUS P8P67 to a ASUS P8H67,

Since doing this the system will not boot anymore, It seems to start ok but once it gets past the Bios it wont go any further,

I am running Win 7 Pro and all other components are the same in the PC,

i do not have access to the old Hardware anymore,

Any ideas how i can get the machine to boot as i need files off it???

The only difference between the boards is the chipset but im stuck now, Any thoughts???

4 Solutions
Hardware is too different, that's why Windows won't boot ...
You can try to boot from a live cd (linux or bartpe or something) and recover your files. This will also enable you to check if everything is installed correctly (hardware - if it boots it's ok).
Then I suggest you reinstall w7 ...
stevidAuthor Commented:
Any ideas on how to just try and update the drivers,

Its not my PC and i am not 100% sure where all the files are that are to be kept, I could pick of random files but not sure where they all are,

Nothing simple like put the HDD in a Caddy, Update the drivers, Reinstall the drive and all is good???
That won't work ... I've never did such thing before ...
You can try (try as in: image the disk first !!!) to boot with Win7 cd and reïnstall the whole thing, it will preserve user documents etc ...
I cannot stress this enough: image the disk first !!
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stevidAuthor Commented:
Why image the disk, For backup is it???

If i just reinstall Win7 over the old version will it wipe my files and programs??
Image the disk: yes for backup reasons and good sleep. I know it takes some time, but has proven to be a lifesaver to me!
When you reinstall you should go for the upgrade option if available. Make sure you do _not_ repartition or format the drive!
oh, and you'll have to reinstall all the programs.
I would check the BIOS settings and try a different mode for the SATA hard drive controller. The default setting might not be the same as was set on the old motherboard.
Also if all else fails image the disk with acronis true image 2011 with plus back and when you restore use acronis universal restore this allows you to restore onto dissimilar hardware.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
At the price of drives today ...

(a)  Take the drive out;  put a new drive in;  and install Windows.

(b)  Install the old drive as a 2nd drive (or with a USB bridge device) and copy the files you need.

... a good high-capacity drive is < $100;  or you can get a small refurb'd drive for ~ $20 if all you're going to use it for is this install [http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007603%204093&IsNodeId=1&name=%2410%20-%20%2425 ]

As Reader's Digest used to say, "Quotes without Comment":
(1)  "... I recently swapped the motherboard in my computer ..."
(2) "...  Its not my PC ..."
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