Dell Optiplex 780 - Service Tag 911xp4j - how to reset the BIOS?

Hi I need to do this - taking ages to boot.

Are there jumper settings I can short?

I have removed the battery.
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If you mean that the Dell splash screen displays too long, it might be caused by a failing CD/DVD drive. Try disconnecting them to test.
Sajen JoseCommented:

If you are looking at resetting the BIOS defaults, then you can press Alt+F or in some of the new BIOS's there is an option to reset it to factory defaults.

You can also take the Battery Out of the Motherboard for sometime which would also reset the BIOS to default values.

Another setting you can check is HDD Acoustic Mode, if it is set to Quiet then the HDD performance is going to be slow. You can change it to Performance Mode.

Also try updating the BIOS to the latest Version
Sajen JoseCommented:
One more option would be check the boot sequence, ensure the HDD is the first in the boot sequence
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