Git merge fork commits into master origin

Still new to Git. Someone made a fork of my repository, added commits and would like to merge commits to my original repository origin and branch master. That is why I see:
"person x" wants someone to merge 6 commits into "my account":master from "person x":nltranslate
How do i do that?
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rhandalthorConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well at freenode github I learned that:
git checkout master
git pull git:// nltranslate
git push origin master

Open in new window

works just as well
rhandalthorAuthor Commented:
Arend made some Dutch translation changes for which he asked a pulls with to commits to be merged. See: I would like to merge/commit these two commits. Do I do this by:

git checkout master
git remote add arendjantetteroo git://
git fetch arendjantetteroo
git merge arenjantetteroo/nltranslate
git push origin master

or is there a better way?
rhandalthorAuthor Commented:
Couldn't wait anymore so seeked out help at IRC Freenode Github and got my question answered.
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