SCCM OS Deployment Multicast

We are looking at using SCCM to deploy our Operating Systems.

I have set a selection of machine up so that their first boot option is boot from network.  This then looks for a pxe boot advertisement.

On our machines this takes about 10 seconds to work out that no adveretisement is available and carry on but at some of our sites on different VLANS and on slower connections this can increase startup times by 2 or 3 minutes not just the 10 seconds at the main site.

Our Director is not happy with this and does not want it to take more than 10 seconds or so.  My question really is if we can distribute our OS images via multicast through the SCCM client without PXE booting?  If it is possible will this in theory completely wipe the machine and build a clean machine or does it simply update the OS?
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Abduljalil Abou AlzahabConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure Team Leader – Professional ServicesCommented:
Multicast is an operating system deployment feature in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 that conserves network bandwidth by simultaneously sending data to multiple clients rather than sending a copy of the data to each client over a separate connection. Multicast allows multiple computers to download an operating system image package as it is multicast by the distribution point rather than each client being sent the package separately. This can conserve network bandwidth in environments where multiple clients are likely to be downloading the same operating system image at the same time. Clients can join a multicast session already in progress. When the multicast is complete, the client will then download missing portions of the package.

How to Deploy an Operating System Image via Multicast
WNottsCAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this and I have already had a look a the technet documents.  The issue I am thinking is:-

If I have a bare metal machine with no OS on then I would use PXE boot to push out the OS Image with my task sequence.

However, all my machines will come from the supplier with an OS on.  If I then push out an image to the machine using a task sequence and the SCCM client does this wipe the machine and install from scratch or is this an upgrade of the OS?
Abduljalil Abou AlzahabInfrastructure Team Leader – Professional ServicesCommented:
No, it will wipe the machine and install from scratch, no upgrade, it's refresh scinario
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