Burn ISO to usb thumb drive

I'm trying to burn(expand) to a 16 GB USB thumb drive an ISO file that is too big for a DVD.  The file is the ISO file of Exchange 2010 downloaded from Technet.  Weighing in a 4.77+ GB.

The burners I've tried so far (XP native and Cute CD/DVD burner) say the target drive is too smalll.  I suppose they "know" the result won't fit on a DVD and balk, even though the real target drive is large enough.

How is this done?  That is, how does one make a working file or set of files from an ISO file like this?

I'm not wedded to the idea of using a USB thumb drive if there is another way.

For what it's worth I have a few machine/OS options, including:
-- macmini running OS X-something ((I can get the "something" if that makes a difference)
-- a linux box with the latest Ubuntu
-- Vista Ultimate
-- Win 7 Home
-- Win 7 Ultimate (at another location)

Thanks for any guidance

Ron Hicks
Ronald HicksAsked:
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I guess you can uso ISO software (my favorite is PowerISO) and, from there, just extract to that USB drive.
After that, proceed as normal.
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:

Download and install the above on your Windows 7 machine, Mount the Exchange 2010 ISO as a virtual drive.

Browse to Computer and you will see your ISO mounted as a drive in there, you can then simply copy and paste it onto your USB drive.

If you are planning to install Exchange 2010 in Hyper-V or any other virtualization products, then you can just mount the ISO directly in Hyper-V or via the Virtual Drive.

Hope that Helps
If you just want to extract this ISO and want to use files then you can use Winrar to extract the ISO or If you want to use this ISO as a Disk then you can use magic disk and can create virtual disk and then can mount this ISO to virtual disk or If you just want to have copy of this ISO then just copy it on your Thumb Drive.

I have used unetbootin to write a ISO on USB drive and to boot the system with it but unetbootin is working for linux only.
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Since this isn't something you are booting from, you can use a free utility called Virtual Clone Drive.  It's a small utility that runs in the background and you can mount an ISO image and it appears as a drive letter the same as you would having the burned cd in there.  I use it all the time for mounting technet images.

evanmcnallyIT ConsultantCommented:
Just extract the iso with winrar to flash.  It's how I do all my Exchange installs.
Ronald HicksAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone
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