How do I choose to display Plotting Area in CHM files upon launching from VB.NET?

I'm successfully opening my CHM files from VB.NET.  And seleting topics...etc...

Is there a way to open a CHM file from VB.NET where I can choose whether to display the left Plotting Area or not upon launching?
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The HelpNavigator class does not seem to support any property to hide that area.
How are you showing the CHM?
gbrdelormfAuthor Commented:
        'Set up Help class
        HTMLHelpClass.HelpNamespace = HTMLHelpClass.GetLocalHelpFileName("GTime.chm")
        HelpProvider1.HelpNamespace = HTMLHelpClass.GetLocalHelpFileName("GTime.chm")
        If My.Settings.FirstExecution Then
            Help.ShowHelp(Me, HTMLHelpClass.HelpNamespace, HelpNavigator.TopicId, "300", )
        End If

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