Shortcut to Windows Indexing Service?

Since I downloaded Windows Search 4.0, my application.filesearch in all my Microsoft Access databases doesn't work. Every day I have to go to Windows Indexing Service and stop indexing so I can work.

I want to keep Windows Search 4.0.

Can I create a shortcut to the Windows Indexing Service?
Annaliese DellSec-TreasAsked:
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To create a shortcut on the desktop to doubleclick. I've tried it, the shortcut's default name (if you don't rename) is Console1.msc

Start > Run > type in


click File > Add/remove Snapin
click Add

Then Select Computer Management
Press Add
Select Local Computer
Click finish

then on the other window:
Navigate/highlight Indexing Service
On the menu click FileSave As
and save it to your desktop ready to doubleclick when you need it.
Shortcut icon to doubleclick or this one?

How to access Indexing Service fast using Windows XP shortcut

Start > Run > ciadv.msc
Annaliese DellSec-TreasAuthor Commented:
That's very helpful thank you. I might have to use that if I can't create a shortcut icon. But I would really like an icon for speed if that's possible.
Annaliese DellSec-TreasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for clearing that up, younghv and I'm glad the points went where they're supposed to go. From now on, I'll assign them to the first correct suggestion. I was unaware of the rules regarding that.
Glad to know it's been resolved.
Thank you for using Experts-Exchange!

younghv, thanks! :)
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