Why ASPs work slower on IIS6 than on IIS5.1

Dear Experts,

I am using same code in both IIS5.1 and IIS6. That code is more faster in IIS5.1 than IIS6.
That code contains fetching remote processes like

I am using C#.Net.

I tried with newly created application pools in IIS6.But still the performance is very slow.

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kevp75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out the number of processes and services that are running on both machines and compare.
joe_suganthAuthor Commented:
Other web apps are running fine in that IIS6.
then we'll need to see your code
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Other apps might not be so heavy, your IIS6 server might use slower disks, might have less RAM/CPU available, might be more loaded ... there are quite a number of problems.
Try to define slow for that application.
Try to tell us something about the machine config, framework version etc.

Do you have enabled the Dynamic / Static compression on that app ?
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