how Remote access to/from MAC OSX

I am not sure if there is better way to remote access to and from mac to other mac and to pc
what I am doing now is when I need to connect to pc, I run the windows rdp client.
When I need to connect to mac from pc, I enabled the screen sharing on mac and on pc, I use vnc viewer to access. Is there any other better way? and how about from mac to mac?

Also can anyone tell me what's the difference between Apple remote desktop and screen sharing??
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Microsoft have recently released a version of Remote Desktop Connection for Mac, it might be worth giving this a try if you haven't already.
okamonAuthor Commented:
hi I already mentioned I am using it and it's not recent, it was there a while ago
The RDC client is what I use, going from a Mac to a Windows PC. Depending on the version of Windows you're connecting to, the Microsoft RDC client takes over the logged-in Windows user's session or opens a new session on the Windows PC, but doesn't really share the screen interactively with whomever is actually sitting at the computer.

To answer your question about Apple Remote Desktop, it is more of a management tool. In addition to screen sharing, it allows you to perform tasks on the remote Mac such as installing software, Spotlight searching, changing system settings, etc., without actually having to interact with or interrupt the user who is sitting at the remote Mac.

Both Apple Remote Desktop and Mac OS X's built-in Screen Sharing app are compatible with the VNC protocol (and use the same ports, in fact), so you can use them as a VNC client. You've already discovered you can use a VNC client on a PC to talk to the Mac; you could run the VNC server on the Windows machine and connect to it using the Screen Sharing app on the Mac.

FYI, you can add the Screen Sharing app to your dock on the Mac for quick access. Open a Finder window and find your way to System > Library > CoreServices. Locate the Screen Sharing app and drag it to your Dock -- target the left side of the divider if your Dock is pinned to the bottom of your screen; target the area above the divider if your Dock is pinned to the left or right side of your screen.

Hope that helps!
Bryan Vines

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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
Another way is to use teamviewer.

Also, you can use the builtin vnc client.
A great and affordabel product from apple (mac to mac) and (mac to pc with vnc installed on windows machine) is apple remote desktop
You can check it out here:
okamonAuthor Commented:
>>Both Apple Remote Desktop and Mac OS X's built-in Screen Sharing app are compatible with the VNC protocol (and use the same ports, in fact)

So that means I can only enabled either one of them right?

>>System > Library > CoreServices.

Is this a bult-in vnc client for mac? Didn't know that before....
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
You would do this via your system preferences>sharing.  Enable remote management and you can then set BOTH VNC and ARD permissions
okamonAuthor Commented:
sorry, I don't get you. You mean I have to check both screen sharing and remote management in order to allow vnc access to the mac? and I don't see Apple Remote Desktop there....

nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
nope, remote management is for VNC and ARD.  By default on the Mac, it is assumed that your default method of connectivity for remote mgmt is ARD.
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