Looking for a plugin (or program) for Outlook to index emails...

Looking for a soultion to search, index and pull emails out of exchange 2003. So the attys can review email for a legal case.  Tagging would also be a bonus.

soultion also need to be able to export the indexed emails
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cbenson7Author Commented:
I found that adobe pro 9 & x have a feature that will extract and turn email and mail folders into PDF from exchange.
Windows Search 4.0 does a good job of searching all Outlook items, but only in one mailbox at a time. If there is a small number of mailboxes, you could use an account that has full mailbox access to open them one at a time, search and copy the items you need.
B HCommented:
from the server, exmerge is the way to go

you can specify words, and have it suck copies out of everyones mailboxes and dump only those emails into their own pst files


it's gui based, easy to use
B HCommented:
another option is to sign up for a free trial of a barracuda message archiver, you get 30 days... when you get the device let it suck in everything from the exchange server, then you can search inside that device, dump out what matches... return the device within 30 days if you dont like it and you owe nothing

we kept ours though, it's awesome

cbenson7Author Commented:
I recieved the adobe answer  from another tech outside of Experts Exchange.

Anyone that would like to archive email folders try adobe acrobat x

it works
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