Shared folders being accessed from remote site slow

Hi there,

What is the best way (other than TS) to have fast access to shared folders from a remote site?

It is a SBS 2003 environment. Both sites have 4Mb DSL Lines with Juniper SSG20 firewalls.

Currently if someone from the remote site wants to download a file from the shared drive it downloads at about 20kbps.

The shared folder contains sub folders and files to the value of 90GB.

If someone can point me in the right direction.


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This is due to limitations of the CIFS file sharing protocol, that was never designed for use over a the internet.

Latency is the reason why this is very slow, check your latency using ping. Anything over 10ms will get you slow performance, above 50ms will criple performance. Getting more bandwidth doesn't necessarily help.

TS is one solution as you mentioned yourself.

Windows 2008R2 combined with Windows 7 clients will also get you better performance because they use an optimized version of CIFS.

WAN accelerators will also help, but these are very expensive.
Little_KAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information.
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