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I would like to setup a network between multiple sites.   Whenever this was done previously I used frame-relay and then moved on to MPLS.  However I am looking into it again and one of our vendors recommends staying away from MPLS connections.  According to them it is much better to us DIA at each site and a Mikrotic router to establish a VPN connection.  They also told me that MPLS connections are being phased out and they have already received notices from some carriers that they will be discontinuing or at least not pursuing new contracts for MPLS.  

I am for opinions on this.   It was a few years ago the last time I worked on a similar setup and it seemed like they were having several issues wtih it.  At the time they were using Nortel Contivity VPN equipment.

Are MPLS lines being phased out?   How reliable are the connections using a Mikrotic router.  Are they the best solution?

Thanks for any information

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John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
I'm not sure where you're located, but at least in the US, MPLS connections seem to be going strong.  I suppose it's possible that's different in other parts of the world.  I also see many smaller customers that just use basic Internet connections and then do IPSec tunnels as necessary.  Whether you do IPSec between sites is up to you and whether it's important to you to encrypt the data.

I know nothing of the Mikrotic router or DIA.
Agree with jmeggers, MPLS is still going very strong. The only country I know that does not use MPLS widely, but instead use Ethernet very widely, is Japan.

It really depends on where these locations are that you're connecting - within USA or internationally. The primary consideration between MPLS and IPSec connectivity would be in terms of the performance requirements for the applications that you're running on this network between sites - MPLS having better and more stable site-to-site performance, as compared to going over the Internet where you may be crossing multiple ISPs and peering connections and the performance may be unpredictable.

Sorry, not familiar with Mikrotic routers.
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