VPN Sessions are discarding through Cisco ASA 5520 Firewall.

Dear Team,
In our organization ,recently we are facing a issue with  VPN connections are disconnecting abruptly in reandom time periods ( 5Min,15Min,1Hr also).

We have verified in our SysLog Messages shown as follows:

2011-04-07 19:33:59    Local4.Debug    %ASA-7-710005: UDP request discarded from to inside:

Here is a LAN IP address,is connecting to Client VPN ,abruptly connecting is getting dropped.
Here is Cisco ASA 5520 inside IP address.

Few Points to be noticed :
- The same was worked well in Cisco Pix 515E Firewall ,After changed to Cisco ASA 5520,it is giving the issue.

- All Ports are allowed for outbound traffic with a Source Network to their  Client VPN.

- This issue is giving for other Subnet Users i.e to their Cleint VPN sessions & I allowed all Ports for them for Outbound traffic.

- Pls confirm is there  any feature in ASA is casuing for terminating the sessions which was not in Cisco PIX 515E.

- ASA version is 8.0(3)



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John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
There is a bug (CSCsq50494) listed in the 8.0(4) release notes (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/asa/asa80/release/notes/arn804n.html) that indicates this was fixed, perhaps a NAT-T issue.  You might try upgrading from 8.0(2) to at least 8.0(4).
RAMU CHAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your info.

But  as this is a Production Appliance and Version is 8.0(3) ,(not 8.0(2)).Still is it needs to upgrade to 8.0(4).
Can u give assurance ,will this fixed if i upgrade to 8.0(4), if so Will you help me with  the steps ,how  to upgrade 8.0(4) from  8.0(3) with out  making the Firewall to non-functional (Down state) so that will try to do that.

John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
I can't make any guarantees.  If you want that, call Cisco TAC.

The upgrade process is not difficult.  You will have to download the new image from Cisco's web site and put it onto a local TFTP or FTP server in your organization.  
-- Console (or telnet or ssh) into the ASA
-- Look at disk0: to make sure you have enough space to store the new image.  "dir disk0:"
-- Assuming the space is available, tftp the image from the server to the ASA.
"copy tftp disk0:" then answer the questions about IP address of the server and file name to be transferred.
--If there's not enough space on disk0: you will have to delete something, perhaps the existing image.
-- Configure or modify a boot statement on the ASA pointing to the new image.  "boot system disk0:<image_name>    Make sure you remove any other boot statement so there's only one, or at least the new one is first. Save the configuration with the new boot statement, then type "reload" to reboot the ASA.  When the ASA has rebooted, do a "show version" to make sure the running OS is the one you want.


In addition to upgrading to the new IOS on your VPN server (ASA device), you may also want to check if you have specified anywhere the maximum number of VPN users / IP addresses to be connected at one given time. You can check if that number is being exceeded, since your VPN server normally has a range of IP reserved for the VPN clients. So the question is what happens when the IP pool is used up.

Just a shot in the dark but it is worth checking this as well.


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RAMU CHAuthor Commented:

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