Nortel Base Station 10 and 14 Mixed environment not working on DMC 320 and BCM 400

I have a Nortel BCM 400 with 2 DMC320's that control our Digital mobility handsets through Nortel base Station 10 modules.

We recently turned up a new building and my supplier sent me some Base Station 14's, he said that they are able to work with the phones that we have and with the bases that we currently have.

I have not been able to get any signal out of the Base 14's and have made sure all the wiring is correct and they are seen in the DMC 320.

The only difference is that the DMC 320 shows a different debug text on the 3 14's that I added.

The ones that work have a debug text of 13 and the ones that don't have a debug text of 03Ap.

RFP 00 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 00 Debug Text: 13
RFP 01 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 01 Debug Text: 13
RFP 02 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 02 Debug Text: 13
RFP 03 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 03 Debug Text: 13
RFP 04 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 04 Debug Text: 13
RFP 05 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 05 Debug Text: 13
RFP 06 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 06 Debug Text: 13
RFP 07 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 07 Debug Text: 03Ap
RFP 08 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 08 Debug Text: 13
RFP 09 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 09 Debug Text: 03Ap
RFP 10 PCS: PCS 3 (or +)
RFP 10 Debug Text: 03Ap
RFP 11 PCS: No contact  
RFP 12 PCS: No contact  
RFP 13 PCS: No contact  
RFP 14 PCS: No contact  
RFP 15 PCS: No contact  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jarred MeyerProduction ManagerAsked:
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Jarred MeyerProduction ManagerAuthor Commented:
Well looks like the Base 10 works on 2.4Ghz and the 14's work on 1.9Ghz to 1.930Ghz so the phones we use will not pick them up.

I found the guide to setting up the DMC 320 and it stated that the Nortel 7440 phones we have are 2.4Ghz designated by the 0 at the end of 744X.

The Base 14's are actually ment for South America and are not used in America.

Sent back the 14's after reading this and got 10's in and they worked instantly with no fussing with them at all.

I hope this helps someone in the future.
Jarred MeyerProduction ManagerAuthor Commented:
The problem was in the base stations and matching the corect station to the handsets we have.

We also have 7420 handsets and they are also 2.4Ghz so they wopk also.
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