SQL Select to split a 3 column table into 6 columns

I have a 3 column table ordered alphabetically by name.

I need to select all rows in groups of 48, with the first 48 into the first 3 columns, the second 48 into the second 3 columns, the next 48 into the first 3 columns, next into the second 3 columns, and so on until all 16,000 rows are split into two columns alphabetically in groups of 48.

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Here is an example...

create table #t1 (col1 varchar(10),col2 varchar(10))

insert into #t1 values ('a','a')
--do a load of inserts as an example with different data.

select * from
left outer join (select *,ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY COL1) AS ROWNUM FROM #t1)b on a.ROWNUM=b.ROWNUM-3
where (a.ROWNUM-1)/3%2=0

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SharathData EngineerCommented:
I didn't understand. Can you provide some sample data with expected result?
;with cte as (select x.*
                    ,row_number() over (order by name asc) as rn
                from yourtable as x)
,cte1 as (select x.col1,x.col2,x.col3
                ,y.col1 as col4,y.col2 as col5,y.col3 as col6
           from cte as x
          left outer join cte as y
             on x.rn=y.rn-48
          where (x.rn / 48) % 2 = 0)
select col1,col2,col3,col4,col5,col6
 from cte1
 order by rn

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