emails arriving open?

having a strange issue with one user,

sometimes the user will get email via outlook that are already shown as read and open but unread on his blackberry?

This is exchange 2010 sp1 with BES 5.1

Any ideas?
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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
are you sure he's not marking it as unread on the blackberry, leaving it 'read' on the server?

his blackberry, can you CONFIRM that he's connected via BES and not BIS (not pop3/smtp?)  if he's on BIS or pop3, this will cause exactly what you're seeing.

dont trust the user, verify for yourself... look in the BES server for his pin and see when the last message was forwarded to the device
B HCommented:
also - see if you can rule out any other devices the user has that might be checking in by pop3... ipad, home computer, etc.  you can do this by changing his password on the server but not telling him what the new one is :)
(the blackberry will still work fine if he's set up by BES)
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