VOIP Troubles w/ ASA 5505

Hello.  I recently upgraded my ASA 5505 from 7.X to 8.4  The NAT rules are quite a mess, and I'm working on slowly cleaning them up.  One issue that is critical that I cannot seem to correct is that our VOIP connections (to an external provider from NAT'd to AAA.BBB.13.210) aren't delivering any sound (RTP packets seem lost).  Any advise is very much appreciated.
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Ernie BeekConnect With a Mentor ExpertCommented:
Quite an impressive config :-~

So I found the nat rule after some time ;)

object network PBX
 nat (any,any) static AAA.BBB.249.210

You might want to try changing it to:

object network PBX
 nat (inside,outside) static AAA.BBB.249.210

ardentmcAuthor Commented:
Config Attached
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