Outlook 2010 crashes when opening new message

Hello - we recently upgraded our users to MS Office 2010 from Office 2003. I have one user who is having an issue every time she tries to create a new message. Simply put, she will open a new message and enter an email address. When she tabs to the Subject field Outlook will report that it has encountered a problem and must close. Reviewing her event log shows that each time there is an Event ID 1000 and sometimes an Event ID 1001 too. The Event ID 1000 reports:

Faulting Application: Outlook.exe version 14.0.4760.1000 [Stamp: 4ba8fefd]
Faulting Module: mscvr90.dll version 9.0.30729.4148 [Stamp 4a594c79]
Fault Address: 0x0006ccb5

I have tried to run a repair on the installation; removed Office 2010 and Office 2003 and then reinstalled Office 2010; and removed the user's Outlook profile and started with a simplified profile. I have also tried logging in as someone else and don't see the same issue. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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SOunds like her user profile has corruption in it ... try deleting the user and rebuilding the userid profile to see if that will correct the issue.
SpeedAngelAuthor Commented:
Profile appeared to also be 'hung' so I used the 'User Hive Profile Cleanup' tool from MS to clear that.
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