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I have 4 1TB drives and want to make a NAS device as a Raid 5 or 10. I also have some old PC's I can use.
The question is: Do I need a Raid controller to configure the raid first or does some of the NAS software create the Raid for me?
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You can use linux to build a sofware raid.

I'd recommend you NOT run the primary os on the RAID, Just your data.

(Or you could setup a mirror raid for the primary os on the box)

It makes it easier to rebuild/reattach the data if the primary /. is on a seperate hard disk, if that disk crashes, the raid remains intact.
It also makes it easier for you to upgrade the unit without fear of corrupting the partition.
Either way will work, but it will depend on the software you use. Openfiler is a great open source NAS/SAN software: It's linux based and can do a software RAID.

There's always advantages and disadvantages of doing software RAID vs. hardware RAID. But for a small NAS that's not doing a whole lot save the money and just go with the software RAID.
let the NAS software do it.  openfiler, freenas, nexenta,  off-the-shelf linux, off-the-shelf-solars will all do this for free, no need to buy a controller, and, in fact, host-base RAID is preferred.  An old PC is fine, you don't need much
calitechAuthor Commented:
Thanks I will get started on this project soon
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