SBS 2003 "user cannot change password" option keeps resetting


I do not want my users to be able to change their passwords so I tick the "user cannot change password" option in manage users, but it seems to untick it self every-time there is a restart.

Should this happen? and How can I prevent this from happening?

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The name of the policy is
Smal Busness Server Domain Password Policy
and i linked to the domain.
Just open group policy managment, foret, domains and your omain.
SBS use a group policy for passwords, you have to go in group policy management, find the sbs policu and modify it
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Might these be admin accounts? You cannot block administrators from changing their passwords.
Also if you should be using smartcard authentication it can disable that feature as well.
edli83Author Commented:
They are not admin accounts.

I cant seem to find the option in group policy and someone direct me please?

Rob WilliamsCommented:
There is no specific policy to block users from changing their passwords but there are settings to force users to change their passwords and the frequency. It is possible to configure these to disallow password changes.

You may have to 'dig' for the policy that was edited. The default policy that controls passwords is the "Default Domain Policy" however somebody could have edited any policy. If it is not this one, you may have to run on the problematic PC GPresult to see what policies are being applied.

Once you locate the policy the item to look for within the policy is:  Computer configuration | Windows settings | Security settings | Account policies | password Policies
If the Minimum password age is set to longer than the time since the last password change, a user cannot change their password. The default is usually '0' and the default maximum 42, but these may have been change. For example a minimum password age of 999 would effectively dis-allow changing of passwords.
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