Exchange 2010 Calendar Permissions

We are planning to roll out exchange 2010 in our organisation. We are moving from Exchange 2003.
We have an internal application that our developers created that books our consultants time in and
then create an entry in the conultants Outlook Calendar. The current app works using a domain user
account that has full rights to the First Storage Mailbox and can therefore write entries to all users

I need to to the same for Exchange 2010, I need to be able to grant a user complete access to everyones
calendar and to be able to create entries in it, without the users having to action something.

Please help.
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From the Exchange PowerShell:
Get-MailboxDatabase -identity “[mailbox database name]” | Add-ADPermission -user [username] -AccessRights GenericAll

That will give Full Mailbox access to everythign in that storage group. You can likely change the GenericAll to GenericWrite so excessive permissions are not given.
infradatelAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply, I have ran the script successfully with the below results

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-MailboxDatabase -identity "Mailbox Database 1353619551" | Add-ADPermission -user ssparis -A
ccessRights GenericAll

Identity             User                 Deny  Inherited
--------             ----                 ----  ---------
Mailbox Database ... Domain\\ssparis        False False

However when we try to create the calendar entry we get the below error.

The account does not have permission to impersonate the requested user

Any ideas?
infradatelAuthor Commented:
Actually I have done it using this article

However your advice above was spot on for what I asked for so the points ares yours cheers :)
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