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I am in the process of converting my server environment to a virutal environment. However it will take some time. However I am currently looking to setup a DR solution, so that if out main site is down, we can failover to a secondary site.

Now this is going to be a cheaper solution, so we will just be working off of the daily backup that is backed up offsite.

Currently we have backups using NetBackup. Is it possible to convert a Netbackup backup into a VMware VM? I am going with the idea that i can convert critical server backups into VMs to run at the DR site.
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Netbackup appears to have limited support with VMWARE - depends on your version.  See this link:

Also, depending on the restore process, in the past I have maintained  "Golden" builds which are  virtualized prebuilt OS without applications installed.  We then restore these vhd first and then mount them as needed.   Its faster than trying to build the systems from scratch.  You might want to construct these ahead of time to cut down on restore times and potentially data transfers.
The easy way to get a physical windows server to a virtual server is to use tool VMware Converter or vSphere Converter free version.

You can generate a copy of your physical server to a virtual machine and don't have to install manually drivers. The only problem is that this utility has to be run manually, but you can make a plan to backup your server to virtual machine once a month for example and backup data in your normal way.
Here is the link for this utility
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ryan80Author Commented:
I am looking to convert from backups in a DR scenario. the live machines will not be available. Only the backup data is sent offsite.

A loss of a day would work for us, but a one month period would not.
ryan80Author Commented:

that link contains information about using the bare metal restore capability and restoring to a vm, for a p2v migration.
What I suggest is to generate a Virtual Machine with vmware converter once a month. In this way you have the complete system ready to run as virtual machine and you don't have to take care of installing drivers or something else. When you make a backup and try to restore to virtual machine, you can have many problem to run this virtual machine. The easy way is to use converter.

The other part of your backup is to backup with netbackup your data folders and system states for your server.

Once you have the image ready for a month and your dialy backup, you can run the virtual machine and use netbackup to update your information until last backup.
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