Outlook anywhere works from all sites but is flakey at one

Here is the descriotion:

Server 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010 configured for rpc over http connection and this conntection is functional from everywhere we have tested it from and works very consistently everywhere except in one town.  This town is 60 km from a city where we have an office and outlook anywhere and OWA work fine.

Office 1 (home office):  Everything works great
Office 2: 2 users from someone elses LAN and the outlook clients (all 2010) work without problems
Office 3: 7 users and both outlook anywhere and OWA work fine and fast.

Office 4: 40 users.  When there aren't many people there, connections are fine.  when more people log in, disconnections start to happen.  One user can work for hours and suddenly outlook just reports "disconnected".  When this occurs, trying to access OWA will give a "cannot display the webpage" response.  Internet access on the machine is fine and speed reports are as good as any other time.  There is no issue with https as a ser can log in to our Citrix server without a problem.  We have many traveling sers and users from the home office are often located at office 2 or 3 and experience no troubles.  When any user travels to office 4, they experience the same disconnects as anyone else.  It is not consistent with which machines disconnect at any give time and it has never happened that all of the machines disconnect.  Through the course of the day, the disconnection moves around between machines.  We are trying to establish the count of connected and disconnected computers at any given time.

A traceroute from a disconnected machine and a disconected machine both die at the same QOS device from their ISP.  Office 3 and office 4 both use the same ISP although they are geographically separated.

We are running short of ideas.

Please let me know if you have any input on this.
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For a branch office with 40 users, I think that you should create a site to site vpn and use outlook in cache mode.
mwoodringAuthor Commented:
I do not disagree with that comment and we are moving in that direction however in the short term, we would like to identify what is the problem.
mwoodringAuthor Commented:
Worth noting although late....

This problem was due to a setting in the TMG server to limit the number of HTTPS connections to a specific TMG connector.  The default ends up with between 40 or 50 connections depending on what they are and how many connections each user takes.  Increased the number dramatically and haven't had the issue since and now have over 100 users there.

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mwoodringAuthor Commented:
No one else came up with the solution so iI solved it myself
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