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When we open in Word 2010 a document from Word 2003 and try to print individual sections or pages, ex p2-p3, or s2, the entire document prints.  Documents created in Word 2010 this is no problem.  Older documents we have printed in compatibility mode and converted them and still unable to print sections or pages.  
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Brian GeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I just tested this out... a Word 2003 document with sections and page numbering restarting in new sections. Opened in Word 2010, FilePrintPrint Custom Range > typed in p1s2Print. Only page 1 of section 2 came out...

Are you simply opening the document (.doc) from Word 2010 and trying to print a specific section and/or range of pages? Or are you taking some other steps between this process?

Attached is the document I created and tested with... are you able to try and print p1s2 from this document to see what comes out on your end?
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