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I'd like to know if there's a way to clean up unwanted entries in the auto-fill of an Outlook client address field (ie: you start typing the first few letters of the recipients name and an autofill list of potential candidates appears in the field as a dropdown box).

Since this keeps ALL addresses, good or bad (ie: typo's) and once you provide it to your user community, it's hard to retract it (I know you can turn it off completely, but that;s not a viable solution for me).

Can anyone help by at least showing me the file that stores the entries?

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jaustin1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can always start typing the name of an entry you want to delete, then arrow down to highlight that entry and hit the delete key on your keyboard.  That removes it from the "autofill" list.

The actual file should be named [profilename].nk2, I believe.  You can search for all .nk2 files on the system and check those out.
civicryanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here where you can find .nk2 location.

and use this software to

You can use this software to mass delete unwanted contacts.
NK2Edit is completely free for personal use at your home and for using in any charity/non-profit organization.

good luck!
DougInOttawaAuthor Commented:
Knowing that a user can simply use the down arrow key to navigate to a specific e-mail address, then press "Delete" is the direct, simple answer. The app is interesting, but not for a company (not cost-effective). The paths to the NK2 file were useful.
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